The Hunch is Back
True Crime
Review by Ross Anthony

Clint is at it again. Imperfect reporter (i.e.: ex-drunk, current womanizer, unable to feel compassion) has nose for the truth. When the newswoman assigned to a "human interest" death row case dies before the convict -- Clint and his hunch are given less than 24 hours to pick up the pieces and free the wrongly accused man (Isaiah Washington). Can it be done?

This is the old gritty Clint -- the "Do you feel lucky punk?" Clint. Extra camera time is given to cigarette lighting and snuffing to remind you that this is the tough Eastwood of yesteryear.

I was liking it, then it was getting boring, then it got exciting and interesting and even got me all choked up. Then, in a last minute ditch effort to save a life, a completely inebriated Eastwood walks his red nose into the bar door on his way out, drives as fast as he can on a rainy night (with an innocent passenger), pulls his emergency brake on a particularly dangerous piece of road in order to set two trailing squad cars spinning (Dukes-of-Hazard style). I mean, I'm there routing for him to save the death row guy -- but come on, not at the expense of whacking a couple of officers, and a jogger in his drunken stupor.

Other than that, some text book foreshadowing in the form of a green crayon and crying child could have used some toning down.

Oh, and James Woods is absolutely wonderful as Eastwood's Chief Editor. He plays the same hardball, yet light-hearted, lovable character that he played in "Hercules" the animated feature.

Starring Isaiah Washington, Clint Eastwood and James Woods.
Directed by Clint Eastwood.
Produced by Richard & Lili Zanuck at Zanuck/Malpaso and Warner Brothers.
Rated R.


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