Chan and Chan again
Twin Dragons
Review by Ross Anthony

We stereotype Kung Fu plots as contrived excuses to display a lot of cool martial arts fighting scenes. Oddly, I felt that "Twin Dragons" showed off a lot of cool fight scenes as an excuse to display a good plot. Yeah, I was really into the story. I didn't expect that from Jackie. The fight scenes, though way cool, even seemed to distract me at times.

The black and white opening sequence embodies the humor and action we've come to expect from the adorable Jackie Chan. It quickly depicts the "twins separated at birth" story.

One Jackie grows up on the streets as kind of a nice guy thug; the other Jackie having the privilege of a loving rich family becomes a turtlenecked artist/composer/conductor type. Midway, the twins' lives intercept as they find themselves trying to live the life of the other -- and kissing the wrong women too. It's as cleverly coordinated as his stunts and charmingly compelling to boot!

The only major flaw is a lull created by a rather typical "pre-climax" fight scene. The real "climax" fight scene that followed it would have been plenty for me. Still, a great time over all.

Starring Jackie Chan and Jackie Chan.
Directed by Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam.
Produced by Teddy Robin at Dimension/Distant Horizon/Media Asia.
Rated PG-13.


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