Featuring Kelly Slater
Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D
Review by Ross Anthony

That white gold sand and crystal blue ocean water make you feel like you're taking a trip to Tahiti. Then that underwater Imax 3D lets you snorkel the reef without getting wet.

Though the film promises great surfing shots (and eventually delivers), there's a great deal more here being offered. I quite enjoyed the laid back tropical island build to the picture's main event. Partake in some much deserved R&R during the many big beautiful image, wordless moments. Coupled with a fitting score and excellent sound, you'll be immersed. Often, sounds are recreated after the fact, then dubbed to match the action, on other productions this matching is a bit off, or heavy handed. But not here. Kudos to the sound editors on Tahiti, they're spot on.

Included also are computer animated tidbits on the geographic science behind waves. They even start at the solar system level and zoom down to the shoreline. Personally, I would have preferred the tidbits to be expanded a tad. For instance, seems with the solar system graphic, an opportunity was missed to explore the moon's effect on tides etc. More could have been introduced about wave technology too -- what do waves mean to light? To sound? Constructive and destructive interference are mentioned, but that's about it. That said, the science visuals are excellent, sharp, and fun.

And then, of course, the big, up close, personal surfing. I've never seen surfing this close. You'll feel like you're right there riding the wave. And while the surfing pro gets the most love from that big Imax camera, the production broadens itself with other fine wave riders --- kids, the guide, beautiful women. It's all good. Though, were I the editor, I would have cut out two or three, of the many similar shots of Kelly coming out of from under the awesome dangerous wave.

The film even has some great quotes: "You're never more alive than when you might die." And "If you're patient the perfect wave will come to you." Other than a rather abruptly ending (odd fish shot fades to black) this production has some sweet aesthetics. The aboriginal ghost images bring an appropriate eerie and artistic accent to the cinematic journey.

Overall, an easy A. I viewed this at a two day convention for Imax films -- it was the best of the six I'd screened. I'm even thinking about revisiting, just to enjoy it one more time.

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  • Ultimate Wave Tahiti Featuring Kelly Slater. Copyright © 2010.
  • Narrated by Michael Hanrahan. Featuring Kelly Slater. Directed by Stephen Low. Produced by Pietro L. Serapiglia at Perfect Wave and K2 Communications and Havoc Television.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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