Umbilical Brothers
Review by Ross Anthony

A night of silly comic entertainment. Two guys, one microphone, and a roadie dressed like a clown. Quite amusing and enjoyable – this show will keep your lips curled into a grin start to finish. That said, while easily confused for a family-friendly show, it isn’t quite. With a clown and the main performers dressed in red shirts and suspenders (mime-garb) – one might feel safe to invite the kids. There were kids at this performance, but there were also cusswords – and not tame ones neither – the real things (perhaps 10 occasions). But, what really pops a possible PG-rating is a scene that flips the bird over and over again. It’s five minutes of grown men flashing middle fingers like teenagers. The first flash has an edginess that is a bit shocking for the otherwise mostly tame duo – but the bit milks the fingers far too long. The two also beat a few other gags to death. And while they never quite crack audiences into uncontrollable belly laughs they are nearly always amusing, likeable and clever.

Their 6-foot plus, silent clown roadie has a wonderful stage presence and communicates strong attitude despite a sack mask over the head. The duo keeps their show feeling fresh and involves the audience on more than one occasion. They repartee is warm, easy-going and tight. They creatively use lighting and a simple 4x8 foot board to fill an otherwise set-less stage. The bulk of the show relies on vocal sound effects and mime-like fooling around. Their funniest bit mocks miming itself.

This review based on the April 21st, 2007 show at Caltech, Beckman Auditorium. www.events.caltech.edu

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  • Umbilical Brothers. Copyright © 2007.
  • Starring David Collins, Shane Dundas, Enid Smeck, Charlie Maconnel.
  • Directed by Philip Wm. McKinley.
  • Lighting Josh Monroe.

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