Inside the War on Abortion
Unborn in the USA
Review by Ross Anthony

Abortion is one of America’s most red hot issues to date. According to this documentary, a pro-life and then later a pro-choice protest march in D.C. became the two largest protests in the nation’s history. Groups of citizens cast their presidential votes depending on the candidate's stance on this issue. Closer to home, every day women from every walk of life find themselves faced with this very difficult and personal decision.

In as much as we’ve all heard the arguments on both sides, it seems a deeper understanding of the issue is often lost. Seldom is there any constructive discussion between the two polarized parties -- just one side trying to shout over the other. This documentary doesn’t set out to reveal all the various sides of the argument - although, that would be a welcome film as well. Here, the filmmakers focus of the “Pro-life” argument – not so much as propaganda, but as an interesting study. Within the large umbrella of those calling themselves pro-lifers we find strong disagreements, especially between those willing to use violence against abortion doctors and clinics, and those who draw the line.

The documentary explores pro-lifer strategies from different angles without passing judgment. It offers a rather comprehensive look at these groups from around the country and is chock full of interviews with some pro-life leaders and those being led within the group and their actual interactions with pro-choicers that are both constructive and shockingly destructive.

Aside from some pesky sound problems (levels are all over the place), this is an excellent documentary. One shot to study the pro-choice movement would make an excellent complement.

Interestingly enough, the filmmakers are two college students hoping to create the first unbiased look at this important issue. (They refused funding from churches, production companies, etc, utilizing sources for student projects instead.)

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  • Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion. Copyright © 2007.
  • A film by Stephen Fell and Will Thompson.
  • Released by First Run Features.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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