Border to Boardroom
Undocumented Executive
Review by Ross Anthony

The film opens inside the trunk of a car - a funny and appropriate intro to a story that tap-dances on the border. Save for the slightly-too-caricaturistic sister, the acting is strong, especially Clayton Landey's performance which provides a solid anchor to the film. Btw, the "Ken" joke cracked me up every time.

Funny with a touch of sweetness, audiences will root for the virtually innocent Jaqi. Sometimes silly, but still amusing, the production could have benefited by further developing its sweet side. Brian Kosisky sets his premise rolling nicely - the apt and hardnosed assistant comptroller resists falling in love with the seemingly know-nothing illegal. There's a wonderful drama there that could have been more richly mined, since he's got something she's been spending her whole life avoiding -- heart!. Kosisky plays it for us once with the tamale lady scene. It's a splendid scene that delivers subtly, but powerfully. Why not play that out again, accenting her internal struggle? This would have created a deeper build to the climax that feels rather bumbled and farcical instead of dramatic.

That said, the robust "court art" sequence helps the film bounce back. Unfortunately, that strong sequence is followed up with a comedic resolution scene that really should have been left out. The production would have been better served by telling that scene with the good-humored art stills.

The music is fun, but tunes from both cultures would have made more sense while providing richer momentum to the pace.

Aptly directed and fun, a strong B+ without the muddled ending.

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  • Undocumented Executive. Copyright © 2012.
  • Starring Tony Guerrero, Melissa Ponzio, Clayton Landey, Doris Morgado, Candace Mabry. Written and Directed by Brian Kosisky. Produced by Joy Kosisky. Kosfilms.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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