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Where the Heart Is
Review by Ross Anthony

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"Warning: ending info given:"

In order for the climax to swell, we're supposed to accept the idea that Portman loves Forney, but believes her life unfit for this neighborhood intellectual. The film offers very little evidence of Portman's inferiority complex, spoken or otherwise. Portman surviving abandonment, with a stiff upper lip, never pitied herself. So when she tells Forney that she just doesn't love him - well, I believe her. In fact, I think that would have made a much more interesting development than the traditional, girl falls for wholesome geek over Johnny-nice-butt in jeans. Further disappointments occur during the first kiss when bereavement was in order - and then even sex. Eek. Bad choice, bad taste - we deserved better for having survived their unfulfilled flirtatious glances so long into the film. But, since they went that way, the Wall-Mart wedding was a very sweet touch.

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