Killers in Love
The Whole Ten Yards
Review by Ross Anthony

I quite enjoyed "The Whole Nine Yards" back in 2000, so I looked forward to these additional three feet. Though still fun, silly and occasionally very funny, the sequel falls a few inches short of its predecessor. Nearly always amusing, even when the punch lines miss their marks, Willis and Perry and Peet keep the charm rolling. Pollak returns as the bad guy, but this time, he's his own father, and again, his shtick misses as often as it hits. And Perry's stumbling behavior far over stays its welcome. Not only does he seem to seek out doors ajar with which to jam his nose into, but any object is fair game for a fall. Far overused.

Surprisingly, the sequel spends little or no time either reminding old audiences or updating new audience as to the exact relationship history of these four characters. This needn't be a drawback; in fact, it helps to keep "Ten Yards" a stand-alone piece and viewers noodling the connections on their own.

It's a fun, very light comedy, farcical, with a handful of very good performances from Perry and Willis.

Quickly then, Jimmy (the hitman) has retired and moved to Mexico where he has time to examine his life, have some kind of nervous breakdown and then develop his domestic passion. Jill, now his wife, tries to launch her own career as a paid assassin. Oz, living in constant fear, is married to Cynthia (Jimmy's ex-wife).

  • The Whole Ten Yards. Copyright © 2004. 97 min. PG-13.
  • Starring Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Natasha Henstridge, Kevin Pollak.
  • Directed by Howard Deutch.
  • Screenplay George Gallo.
  • Produced by Ellie Samaha, Arnold Rifkin, David Willis, Allan Kaufman at Warner Bros Pictures/Franchise/Cheyenne.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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