Virtual Safari
Wild Africa
Review by Ross Anthony

Clouds billow across that huge IMAX bed sheet as the sunrise time lapses into sunset. What a sweet way to float into this water woven African safari. In the clearing, Mt. Kenya pokes its snowy summit. The camera slides across the icy caps until they trickle down into the jungle canopies and melt into waterfalls and rivers that draw continental creatures to their banks.

Intimate, close, glassy-eyed shots of gorillas will warm your heart. Raspberry-red-eyed pink flamingos, like cotton candy overflowing the machine, overtake a sleepy lake. They drift and dance, wonderfully captured on film. I, myself, have had the privilege of witnessing this migration in Africa many years back. I can attest, that the filmmakers have captured it almost beyond my own breathtaking experience.

The soundtrack is strong, and the narration used sparingly -- Wild Africa respects the mighty visual medium -- and just let's you revel in the watching.

Submarining crocs vs. thirsty wildebeest, Lions vs. marching elephants, Lizards vs. beetles, from sand-shifting snakes to underwater reefs to the thunderous Victoria Falls - what a wonderful way to take a virtual African Safari.

Absolutely A+, save for a bit of elephant lumbering that begged for some editing. Still a strong A. I loved it! And would see it again in a snap.

-- Books by Ross Anthony, Author/Illustrator --

  • Wild Africa. Copyright © 2016.
  • Directed By: Mike Slee, Patrick Morris. A BBC Earth Production.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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