A South African Adventure
Wild Safari 3D (Large Format)
Review by Ross Anthony

Shot on 3D in 35mm, Ben Stassen, and his crew put us in the back seat of an open air 4x4 Jeep and take us on an honest-to-God African Safari. Many wildlife pictures do an excellent job of delivering exciting, amazing animal shots. However, "Wild Safari" endeavors to deliver the true experience of the Safari itself. This it does extremely well.

How would I know? A few years ago, I rented a 4x4 Jeep with four friends and we started out into the African reserves. Screening this film, that first shot from the backseat truly made me feel as though I was back on that ride. More than just animal spotting, a real safari is about searching, anticipating. Actual finds are rarely saturated in the exciting speed of a cheetah attacking its prey or of a lion fighting off another male. More often than not, the beauty is much more gentle, relaxed, mellow. A simple siting.

A better title for this film would be "Mellow Safari." But don't get me wrong, the shots are still warm and wonderful, they're just a bit more honest. Good Elephant, Lion, Water buffalo, White Rhino and Leopard shots. Actually, there's one shot of a leopard up in a tree that is simply gorgeous, and when he climbs down for a little romance with his mate -- simply beautiful (don't worry, the filmmakers tastefully fade out just as that action begins).

In nature animals eat other animals, there is one extended shot of some lions chewing on a dead antelope... so be prepared for that.

In sum, save for about three brief shots of awful 3D (I don't know why they included them) this is a solid production. For less than the price of a steak, you can experience an African Safari with the best trackers and guides. Go!

  • Wild Safari 3D (Large Format). Copyright © 2005.
  • Produced Written and Directed by Ben Stassen at Nwave/S. African Tourism.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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