Greener or Greedier?
Review by Ross Anthony

Wind energy seems so innocent. Doesn't it? Who would have thunk it would be so meddling as to get in between small town friends, or pop the lungs of low flying bat? And those are just two of the side effects the people of Meredith, New York discovered about the 400 foot giant windmills that threatened to spin their quaint little town on its head.

The documentary is likewise quaint, but well paced, crisply cut, and artistically shaped. The filmmakers were far more interested in creating an emotionally dramatic and engaging work than a carefully objective one. In fact, I don't recall any spokesman from the wind companies in question being interviewed. Nonetheless, the filmmakers mightily succeed at their goal. I enjoyed it, with only one fault. I found the intentionally repetitious harmonica segment, a bit over the top annoying.

Also, no mention was made of vertical axis windmills which (to my limited knowledge) have far less negative consequences.

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Grade..........................A- (2.5/4)

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