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2010 First Annual

Details of the Day (Feb 2010) After grocery shopping, I started cooking at 3pm, and to my surprise, I'd finished by 4pm (of course, that didn't included time for clean up.) 5pm: I sat a big pot full of chili in a plastic container trunk I'd fastened to the back of my 1982 Honda 125xl affectionately nicknamed Chili. I wrapped it in a towel and brought along a ladle. 5:15: I stopped at Subway for some disposable bowls, but they only had plastic cups to give. So that's what I used. Thank you, Subway. 5:25: Chili and I meandered down city streets looking for homeless individuals to feed. Here are some of the interesting interactions we happed upon. I met David in the parking lot of Smart&Final. He was pushing a shopping cart full of his belongings. ME: "Would you like some food." DAVID: "Sure." I flipped open the lid of the makeshift trunk and served him right there. Next, Harry, who also called himself, George, and Niles, sat in front of the old Academy theatre in Pasadena. I wasn't completely sure he was without a home, so I asked, "Excuse me, I've got some food for homeless folks, do you know where I can find any homeless?" He pointed at his chest, "Right here." He informed me that dumpsters are great places to stay when it rained. He asked for another cup full for his son who was due to come by. I indulged him, then as he sat back down on his bench, I over heard a young couple ask him if they could have some of the chili. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him point at me. "This one's for my son, but that guy over there is giving it away." The woman remained seated, but the young man came to me as I was closing the trunk. He asked for a cup, I opened it again and ladled out two cups. Back on Chili, riding at about 20mph, I spotted a man pushing a cart full of stuff. He was really putting his back into it. I parked and followed him just around the corner. I cleared my throat. "Would you like some food? I've got chili." The man smiled, "Thanks, some people gave me some food, I've got it in cans, I should use that up first." On the walk back to Chili, I noticed an overstuffed backpack next to two people at the bus stop. I ambled over and asked, "Does anyone here want some food?" The woman turned around, "Do you have a place to stay?" I shook my head. "No, just food." She tried again. "Money for cigarettes?" "Ma'am, I've just got the chili, would you like some?" "I don't know, how do I know I can trust you? You might have crapped in it. No. I don't want it." But the gentleman there smiled like a child and said, "I'd like some." So he and I walked back to Chili and I gave him a cup full. Chili and I stumbled across an elderly woman sorting out her big cart in the stairwell of a closed business. I asked her if she'd like some chili. She smiled and said, "Oh, I'd better not too spicy for me these days, but thank you." Back up on the road I ran into a fellow near the senior center. He was happy to take a cup, and talk to me about motorcycles. He was very nice. Chili and I were happy, and I even had some chili left over for my dinner. My heart was warmed, despite the brisk day and my cold hands. As I sat down to eat, I remembered what Harry said earlier. "This was the nicest thing you did all day." And then he chuckled. Thank you from Chili & I, to those who made this possible. And to those who didn't participate -- I'm pretty sure I'll do it again, I'd love your support then.

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