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You want to BE A PART of it?

So, this is a rather simple event I "cooked up." I'd seen other companies offering to give x% to charities when you purchased whatever they were selling. I'm glad they were doing that, but I also wondered exactly how much of that x% was actually getting to the charity. Anyway, instead of being sort of negatively suspicious, I decided to be proactive and productive. I thought, "Hey, I've helped out at soup-kitchens, and enjoy and promote volunteering, and, as it turns out, I have something to sell - my books!" Yep, so I decided to make that "x%" something very concrete -- an actual cup of chili cooked up and hand-delivered (by me) to an actual homeless person. So, that happens every time you buy my book Zen Repair and the Art of Riding Chili right here from my site. I chose that book because of the obvious fun connection in the title, but I'm a softy, and I've been known to do the chili-thing for a reader even if they purchased another one of my books or CD. Btw, these are not cook books. Some people mistakenly think so. Actually my book collection is rather eclectic -- travel philosophy, fiction, true-adventure, even children's books. Have a look. I write to entertain and inspire, and simply because I find it passionately fulfilling. Anyway, officially, I run my Chili4homeless event during a month or two in winter/fall -- but that's all very organically up to me. And even though you may be reading this in the heat of summer and want to help -- email me and tell me and I'll cook up some chili anyway. Told you, I'm a softy.

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© 2011 photos, text, art, music copyright Ross Anthony. Thank you to all those who have participated in chil4homeless! (My Readers! My Friends! My Family! Misc. Strangers! Liem, Kocanda, Galati, Rand, Keszek, and many many more!

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