BulletProof Monk Interviews
Sean William Scott and Jamie King
By Ross Anthony


Press: How does this role compare to Stifler?

SWS: I like the character in BulletProof Monk -- he's cooler. He gets to do some cool action stuff. It's awesome

Press: What was it like working with Chow Yun-Fat?

SWS: He's so great, he's so easy. I was really nervous when I met him because he's just larger than life. He knew everybody's name on set on the first day. He's such a charmer. He just made it easy. He was like... you know what, this is a movie, have fun. But I was always like...you're Chow Yun-Fat, I'm the guy who's done American Pie, kiss dudes, drank s*m*n, all sorts of..., you're the cool guy and one of the biggest stars in the world. So you can kick it and take it easy. but I'm doing every single stunt, because I have something to prove. He's always funny like, "Don't kill yourself-- you naughty naughty boy. Don't do every stunt." There were probably only 2 or 3 stunts that I didn't do and they were falls and stuff. I just needed to do something different... I did that independent film "Stark Raving Mad." And I felt like I learned a lot and I was ready for something big and different and for me to take another step towards the career I wanted to have.

Press: Didn't you used to work in a theater?

SWS: There was that scene when I was doing the reel. I was like, I used to do this ... but I forgot how to do it. My brother is a film theory major and he helped start the Onion newspaper in Madison. The summer before my senior year, I went to visit him and I was working at the movie theater and I thought about being an actor. This might be something I might be good at. I was playing sports and I was really so manic about it and it was actually bringing me down. The first night my brother asks if I'd ever seen any of Chow Yun-Fat's movies. I think we watched 4 of his movies that night and I was like 'that guy is great!' Like he is so cool and so different and he's got so much charisma and it really made an impression on me and six months later I went to LA to be an actor... So I remember shooting that scene in the movie theater and thinking, 'this is so weird... it's a whole lot better.'

Press: Were you worried about about being typecast as Stifler?

SWS: I was at first worried about that. I knew what I did in Bulletproof Monk, I knew what was going to happen with Heldorado -- I think that Sean William Scott and Jamie Kingmovie is going to be huge -- I'm so ready to nail American Pie 3. If I was ever going to go back and do something big and have a chance to be in a franchise that started my career off. It's like lets make this movie the best one yet. And I think that's my best performance I've ever had. This is the best work I've ever done. This character's weird and off. I want people to miss this character. He's the guy that sparks everything, he's basically a disaster in this third one. I'm excited. I've actually seen it. We finished it two weeks ago. I can't even watch the first too because the third one is so good.


Press: Are you a fan of the Kung Fu genre?

JK: No! I was never really educated on Kung Fu movies. "Crouching Tiger" was the first time that I had seen an action film that I really felt the magical quality and graceful elements. You could have action, but beauty and grace too.

Press: What about the action of Monk?

JK: There was a lot of wirework. That was one reason I wanted to do this movie because of all the stunts. We trained up to 6-7 hours a day for a month and half before we were actually up there. Then we trained everyday and on our days off. It was incredible to see the kind of stamina we had for this and the strength that it required. It was amazing and neat.

Press: How about working with your costars?

JK: Chow is really efficient on set, practical, easygoing, and generous. He's got such a sense of ease. He would just walk on, do a great job. And Sean -- his enthusiasm and support. And he put a lot of work into the work that he was doing. He's very fun loving.

Press: Modeling?

JK: I went to modeling school. I got to learn to walk with books on my head, you know, don't wear horizontal strips. Silly things. That was like the cool thing to do, the fun thing to do. To go to these kinds of schools in Omaha. I met my agent there. I went to NY for a week to take pictures. Then a couple weeks and I was shooting for Vogue and success came really quickly from there.

Press: Why the name change?

JK: Because Jamie's my real name and when I first started modeling at the agency there was another model named Jamie and she was actually named after Jamie Summers like I was too so she even spelled it the same way. So they needed another name and my parents had always called me James.

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