Sandro Meallet
Edgewater Angels
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

This book found its way into an old grocery bag full of books that a local library (only 25 miles from the setting of the story) sold me for 1 dollar. I happened to notice that this book (of the 20 or so in the bag) was signed by the author. For that, I read it first. Wow! What a find!

Sandro's style very quickly echoes the voice of Mark Twain. With his love of character description, very personal story telling, and indulgence in hyphenated-made-up adjectives. The tale is told by Sonny Toomer, an adolescent growing up fatherless in the projects of South Los Angeles (specifically San Pedro). It feels like reading a modern day Huck Finn. Mealett savors the 5-10 page episodes and makes us wait to see where the larger tale is going. One dicey event after another, ever increasing in physical danger and possible loss of soul. It's an ordinary insider's look at life in the hood.

Bill Cosby's cartoon from the seventies comes to mind for some reason, or even the old black and white series "Little Rascals," but with a harder edge -- harder even than Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye," but still that oddly charming Norman Rockwell painting of the other America.

It's enchanting and dangerous and personal. And Mealett can write like the best of 'em.


"Mr. Kim glared at Tom-Su for what had to be a minute, then said one quick non-English brick of a word and smacked the boy on top of his head. Tom-Su bolted indoors. Abuse like that made us glad we didn't have any fathers in our homes."

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