Melissa Steginus
Everyday Mindfulness: 
108 Simple Practices to Empower Yourself and Transform Your Life
Book Review by Author Ross Anthony

If you're new to mindfulness, new to self-help books, and looking for some useful organized guidance to bring some thoughtful, positive, reflective structure into your life, I think you could benefit from this book.

If you're an old pro, you'll probably find many familiar principals in this book. That said, reminders are often appreciated.

Or perhaps you're looking for a collection of inspiring tidbits to jump in and out of at your own pace - the author recommends otherwise. While the title doesn't imply any sort of strategy for the use of this book, the introduction strongly encourages a lesson-a-day, in order, 108 day commitment. Some people will be grateful for (or simply need) that discipled routine.

Despite being more interested in sporadic use of the book, I decided to play along as the author intended. I kept the book at my bedside and woke up every morning to read and contemplate the lesson of the day. I enjoyed this, even looked forward to it, until around half way through where my interest wained. I took a break. I sought alternative morning sources for my daily inspiration. You may be different, but in general, I donít prefer to rely on any one source for my self improvement. After a couple months, I returned to it, but couldn't get back into the strict daily routine. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the remaining morning lessons (albeit unscheduled) and felt good upon completion.

Did the book raise my level of mindfulness? Sure! Perhaps it's the very nature of mindfulness to meander delightfully. We've got to train ourselves to be rememberers of these soulful states. If you're a creature of routine, you can build it right into you daily practices. Me? I don't favor a pop up reminder on my phone to nudge me into feeling compassionate.

So that's the overall. Here are a few specifics. The 108 lessons/practices are divided into 8 chapters: Physical, Emotional, Rational, Spiritual, Occupation, Network. It makes sense to put the Physical chapter up front, sleep and body health are so important. Without proper sleep, the deeper work becomes so much harder. That said, if you're relatively physically fit, sleep and eat well, you'll find this first chapter a rather underwhelming beginning to your 108 day commitment. I'd highly recommend that the publisher/author consider suggesting alternative ordering depending upon the needs of the unique readers. (For example: "Sleeping well? Proceed to X or Y. Etc.") Opening with the Emotional or Spiritual chapter would have been a great way to draw me in.

You, dear reader, probably know if you need a strict, direct, no-fuss, prescribed approach, or a jump-around at-will strategy. So pick up a copy and read as best works for you. Lots of good stuff either way. I'm glad I read it.

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