Keith Dahlberg
Flame Tree: A Novel of Modern Burma
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

Flame Tree details some of the exploits of a semi-retired Idaho doctor and is nurse wife as they volunteer their medical services in war torn Burmese villages during late 1990's.

It's written in an almost documentary realistic style that feels far more fact than fiction .... and for good reason, the author is an Idaho doctor who has volunteered more than once throughout this troubled country side.

The book is an education. A reminder of the fact that even while at war, the world is host to good-hearted people from all nations who seek peace. Though, rather direct and un-flowery, Dahlberg puts you in the driverís seat of "Jungle medicine."

The second half pulls the reader in when the doctor finds himself wrangled into a peace summit with leaders from various rebel factions.

In times of hostilities it's easy to focus on the fight, so it's quite refreshing to find people who refocus on cooperation and compromise.

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