Richard Barone
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony
Review by Ross Anthony

Many years ago, I picked up a CD from Richard Barone while sampling discs in the discount rack at some thrift music store. I'd never heard of him, but I liked the first song, so I took home the CD. It quickly became one of my favorites. He's got great overall song intensity. The Songwriting is interesting, personal, passionate, yet very professional.

Years later, with a few more dollars in my pocket, I poked around on Amazon for another CD from Mr. Barone. I ended up buying the one in which he teamed with a cellist, and this book.

The book reeled me in like his songs. The "origin" stories of his becoming interested in music and why and how... his bouncing from band to band... the beginnings of interest from others in his songs... fascinated me. I also found inspirational his musings and philosophy of song creation and self-confidence vs. fear. But by page 88, the stories get bogged down in musician names, venue addresses and well, I put the book down and simply never picked it up.

Here are some quotes:

"The truth is, songs do lurk all around us, waiting to be uncovered and you simply need to be in the most open state of mind at the right time, to receive them...For me, having the TV on, or washing dishes or cooking, occupies my conscious mind, the gatekeeper, and allows the subconscious to sneak in. Most of my best ideas come when I'm doing anything other than thinking about having a great idea."

" least 50 percent of performing music with others is about listening --listening to what the others are playing and listening to how the music reacts in the room..."

"...the best songs exist already, and one merely has to reach into the air and pluck them like orchids or butterflies in a lush garden."

"...fear of making a big change is usually unfounded. It's a big scary shadow ... of a teddy bear."

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