Sidney Huntington
Shadows on the Koyukuk
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

A lifetime packed with fantastic true harrowing adventures makes for a good book. It's also encouraging and inspirational that Sidney takes time and energy to express and act upon his desire to conserve Alaska's beauty, wildlife, culture, while at the same time encouraging the transition to "the white man's" ways via education.

Sidney made it through some tough times. The book is chockfull of events that seem incredible and unbelievable. I'd recount them to my friends as I read and they'd always react with astounding amazement and great interest. How many times does that happen?

Miles-long journeys through Alaskan winters, bear attacks, kids abandoned alone in the wilderness, hunting in -58 degree cold, crashing through broken ice into frigid water, Sidney takes us through it all. He also details the inventive and resourceful ways Alaskan natives made great snowshoes, clothing from skins and furs, fish wheels, etc.

The book progresses nicely for the first 50 pages or so, but then becomes somewhat a collection of loosely-connected, but still very fascinating events. Ends well with mention of his brother's book in the epilogue.

Appropriately enough, the book is credited to Sidney Huntington as Told To Jim Rearden. In his preface, Jim writes, "In telling Sidney's story, I have made every effort to retain his straightforward, honest, laconic style, because I want the reader to hear it as he told it to me. I hope I have succeeded, for Sidney Huntington has left a clear, straight trail that is worth following."

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