William Lobdell
Losing My Religion
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

Subtitle: How I Lost my Faith Reporting on Religion in America -- and Found Unexpected Peace

Lobdell has a smooth writing style. The book reads easily. He wins us over quickly by listing his faults, and by approaching a difficult, controversial, thorny topic with modesty. Even though libraries shelve this book under bio, it's more about all of us than him. It's about how humans strive to understand and/or believe in (or not) God.

Save for an obviously long (but deservingly so) tangent into the Catholic sex abuse scandel, Lobdell carefully shapes his experiences into the universal plight of anyone listening to his/her conscious. I actually suspected at a few points the book to be a very useful fiction. Btw, that's a compliment to both the book and Lobdell. Although, nearer to the end, the arc starts to fall apart a bit. Perhaps the climax comes too early making for an meandering uninspired resolution -- no pun intended.

Of more research-oriented curiosity, the sections on Mormanism and Catholicism. Lobdell relates fascinating particulars regarding Mormanism. And then directed at Catholic leaders, some real angst begins to surface (for the first time in the book) -- and why not? What drama! Here he is gong ho about finishing up his catacism and being a true Catholic on one hand, then on the other, interviewing abuse victems, sodomized, or raped by Catholic Priests.

An intriguing read. The classic lost-found-lost again, but all the wiser story that examines religion and conscience with the eyes of an investigative reporter. How could you not want to read that?

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