Helen Keller
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

What burdens do you have that are heavier to bear than the loss of sight or hearing? When someone who has lived in the silent darkness from childhood to the grave finds life boundlessly good, wouldn't you want to find out more of their thinking?

Of course, the basic story of Helen Keller, the deaf mute, that learned to communicate, is widely known. But there are so very many more interesting details of her life that aren't so widely known. For those details read her earlier works, "The story of my Life” or see the film "The Miracle Worker." In the meantime, if you're up for a very short read, pick-me-up, argument-for-hope type book -- read this little pamphlet-like book she's titled Optimism.

Helen references the great philosophers and even goes as far as to say that the trend of human progress from nature-fearing savages to civilized societies who actually care to secure decent shelter for the poorest of workers -- this shows a great momentum for good. And of course, she references herself and her own personal journey from a mad world of chaos, to one with deep meaning and purpose.

I liked it -- very quotable:

"I distrust the rash optimism in this country that cries, "Hurrah, we're all right! This is the greatest nation on earth," when there are grievances that call loudly for redress. That is false optimism. Optimism that does not count the cost is like a house builded on sand."

"I know what evil is. Once or twice I have wrestled with it, and for a time felt its chilling touch on my life: so I speak with knowledge when I say that evil is of no consequence, except as a sort of mental gymnastic."

"The world is sown with good; but unless I turn my glad thoughts into practical living and till my own field, I cannot reap a kernel of good."

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