Jim McCloskey
When Truth Is All You Have
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

I heard Jim McCloskey interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air. His frankness, directness, sense of humor, sense of calm, willingness to be vulnerable and openminded impressed me. He struck me as a regular guy with great insight - someone you would enjoying hanging out with - someone who would value the interaction even if his causes weren't furthered or discussed.

So I bought the book - part autobiography, part detective thriller. Jim fesses up to his own less-than-saintly past exploits as he celebrates the way he stumbled into this calling. He threads this narrative through story after apalling story of innocent people being locked away by a system in need of repair. Thankfully, Jim also details the very personal case by case mission of ammassing exoneration evidence.

Just as he did in the radio interview, Jim shares challenges to his faith, and unapologetcally owns a cycle of doubt. It's a vulnerable and beautiful thing for someone of faith to share their personal moments of seperation from God. Jim does so frankly and even matter-of-factly, which serves to reassure all of us that such struggles are simply and sweetly part of the messy miracle of life.

I found the book engaging and inspirational. If you're up for a meaningful read - get a copy.

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