Robert M. Pirsig
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

I read this one a long time ago while volunteering in Kenya. Though I completely enjoyed that African adventure, the nostalgia of an American road trip was quite welcome. You can breath a sigh because Pirsigís book is mostly not about mechanical maintenance, motorcycles, or even Zen. While itís a remarkable book, itís no Sunday drive down Route 66. This is primarily a philosophical work that questions the scientific method and argues for Quality. Pirsigís arguments are highly rhetorical and even occasionally mathematical. They build and spiral much like roads wrap around mountains. I found the book enjoyable, but thick in terms of concepts and language, despite the fact that I have a background in mathematics, Iím quite interested in philosophy and science, AND Iíd ridden a motorcycle along many (and more) of the same roads Pirsig does in his book. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance goes further than just philosophy and even further than weaving these difficult concepts into a concrete road trip, and even further than providing some nice father-son relationship drama. It peppers in one other element (Iíll not spoil it), which really makes this the masterpiece deserving of the acclaim.

If youíre up for a compelling, intense and dense read, give it a go. If youíd like to read something thatís still travel-philosophy, but not quite so rhetorical Ė try a book I wrote titled Zen Repair and the Art of Riding Chili.

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