L.J. Brutus
The Zero-Tolerance Factor and Other poems
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

At a book signing I met David A. Mayes (son of Richard Inskip Mayes, A.K.A. L.J. Brutus). David talked of publishing a book of his late father’s poetry. What a sweet thing. The act itself is poetic, and in theory I’d secretly wished my loved ones or dear friends would spend hours tiring their eyes over my scribblings determined to publish my most profound musings. But, even as optimistic as my tendencies are, I saw that more as a fantasy. Yet, here it is, in real life. A son has honored his father in fixed words and pictures bound and duplicated a thousand times -- at least.

David bought one of my books and ran back to his truck for a copy of “Zero-Tolerance.” I was more than happy to trade him signed copies.

This is a strikingly beautiful book. The actual typed manuscript, complete with ballpoint pen scratchings, has been scanned and utilized giving the work an immediate personality, approachability and warmth. Each poem is accompanied by a photo pulled from a shoebox, no doubt, stored by the poet.

Though the genre (beat poetry) is not my favorite form of the medium, there were some verses I enjoyed. Interestingly, I quite enjoyed the Afterword, so much so, I thought it should be the Forword. “Tap tap ding” would have made a great title for the work as well.

Here’s a nutshell quote from this book of poetry by Inskip Mayes (what a great name for a poet): “Thinks, with the necessary overcompensatory forcefulness, that casual observations are more beneficial than pages of ordered directions.”

And here’s a poignant quote from David in the Afterword, “The perspective learned by living in a different culture from my peers is critical to informing my understanding of the world.”

Beautiful book, gives a flavor of 60’s, 70’s in photo and word.

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