Ross Anthony, M.Ed. (A Los Angeles Creative)
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Circle Earth
A Sketchbook, A Journal,
& the circumference of the planet
Written & Illustrated by Ross Anthony

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"I loved the book. It was very easy for me to read and held my interest. I love the way it was written, in what I think could be categorized as, Stream of Consciousness." Cheri

"I picked it up and couldn't put it down ... And I don't read!" Mike

"I just finished your wonderful book "Circle Earth". I enjoyed it very much... I will never be able to make a trip like that and feel that I was able to through you and for that I thank you! What an amazingly brave thing to do!" Kim

" such an honest and straight forward way, you can't help but enjoy it! ...a marvelous account of ... a unique and magical trip. It's one more book for my personal library that will find a special place on my shelf." LuAnn

"I wish I could express myself like you did in this book." Annalie

"... I can almost smell the salt in the air! I love the way you write ... everything flows together so smoothly, and keeps my attention (which is sometimes hard to do)." Jennifer

"It's ... a tunnel you carved with words into the globe... dark earth shoveled, with a bright glow of your poetic flashlight here and there... very interesting in that way! (flute shaped...) Reminds me of digging to China as we all do when we are small..." Kathabela

" Your passion for your work was so contagious, I went home and read "Circle Earth" in its entirety. It was absolutely what I needed to read at this time - THANK YOU! In the past few weeks I have been recovering from surgery to remove cancer, and while I have an extremely good chance of recovering completely, I have had a LOT of time ... to sit and think about what to do NEXT in my life ... I even created my own "bucket list". All of that has been kind of a pipe dream. Until I read your book. I'm going to follow the advice you wrote when you signed my book and "GO!" " Jessie

"... Read your Circle Earth that same weekend...loved the personal insights and awakenings and the pure adventure of it. I am passing it on to my youngest son when I see him next week." Teresa


Circle Earth: A Sketchbook, A Journal, & the Circumference of the Planet

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