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Beverly writes:

It's a plain fact you've sent several missives that have so touched me I've nodded in recognition while reading them, and shaken my head at how well you hit the nail on the head about a variety of simple everyday gems of life, and while I intend to respond to your voice in the wilderness, I've been remiss in doing so ... I enjoy your perspectives, your take on the human condition, and your generosity in sharing your thoughts and your time.

Barbara writes:

[Your E-newsletter] came today to lift my spirits and going to get me jump started on a serious project. I hope [your] coloring activity book will be available for Christmas. My six year old granddaughter loves new books. I bought [your] Appleseed book when she was 3 Now she is reading it in her AR (Advanced reading) in school.

Fiona writes:

Hello, my name is Fiona. My mom got your book for me at the Book Expo in Los Angeles a few weeks ago….I really liked the book. At first, I wasn't really expecting it to be so philosophical and different. In fact, the first few chapters were just as surprising as a bull bursting out of a candy shop. But when I really sat down to read the book and join Rodney through every tangent and dream that he experiences, I really enjoyed the experience. Everyone, I think, wonders at the same things that Rodney wonders at. Why are there wars? What is infinity like? What is at the end of a rainbow? Like Rodney, I am also prone to "thinking too much," but after reading your book, I am sure that there can never be too much wonder and thinking in the world. Thank you for this thought provoking little book. I will try not to miss up future opportunities to plant a seed!

Heidi writes:

My Fiance gave me your book to read. Let me tell you, I loved IT! It took me back to my youth when everything was so magical and make believe and you were allowed to let your imagination run wild. Thank you for bringing the child back in me...One should never stop being a kid and always look at life as a fascinating adventure.

John writes:

I loved your book, Rodney Appleseed, and I am only 10 years old. Please make another Rodney Appleseed book. I have read 57 books in two years, and this is the best one yet. Out of five stars, I'd give you 100!!!!! You wrote in my book to, "Try this author." I did and I love him. Please e-mail me whenever you have another book out. I will save my allowance and buy it! P.S. I am glad you were at Border's so my mom could buy me your book.

Airman Josh writes:

Wow, I just read your book Rodney Appleseed and it was great. My name is Josh and i am an airman in the US Air Force. Your book was the only thing that kept me sane while i was in Texas for training. My parents met you at the mall in Arcadia California and bought the book for me. I took it with me and thought i could make some time for it while away. I never got around to reading because i was so depressed about being away from my family and my wife to be. Finally i picked up the book and couldn't put it down. I loved it. When i went home for leave during Christmas i gave the book to Nichole and she loved it too. Now she is coming to visit me in South Carolina at Shaw AFB and we are going to read it again together. Thank you so much for that wonderful book and i can't wait to find another by you.

Kathie writes:

Your stories tickle my inner spirit, I do enjoy them so!!!!

Annie writes:

You have sent so many chuckles and grins my way ... Your upbeat sense of humor has gotten me personally through some tense times, Ross, and I appreciate being included when you update all of us out here on what you're doing.†Your stories helped tremendously when my husband's heart stopped and†when my Mom, who turns 90 tomorrow, fell and hit her head† on a tree trunk and was bleeding profusely and the paramedics had to take her to the ER and get staples in her head ~ I can't tell you how freaked out I was and then you sent emails to us all and it helped me through more than I can say. So, thank you for your kindness and good cheer.

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