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Infinite Adventures of Rodney Appleseed
By Ross Anthony

"Even if everyone tells you
'Everything cannot possibly grow from nothing'
...plant a seed there anyway!"

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"An extremelly well written book. I give it two thumbs up (if I had any more thumbs, i'd put those up too)." Carlos

"I could NOT put it down. It is the best book I have ever read. Thanks for putting a big smile in my heart :)" Julie, Registered Nurse

"What a unique approach to life!!! I will pass your book on to my students. They each should have the opportunity to delve into such a positive story." Linda, Teacher

"Creative, insightful, imaginative, thought-provoking, innovative." Choi, Semi-Retired

"Moments of genius, actually," Rocky, Graphics

"... creative... a one of a kind... a very special... approach to looking at the world around us." Alice, College Student

"Philosophical, witty and spirited, embedded in a very innovative writing style." PingPing, HS Counselor

"With so much cynicism and negativity around me all the time, it's nice to experience a character who's so optimistic and hopeful." Tania, Coordinator

"It's a wonderful combination of fantasy, philosophy, and fun! Thanks again for this little gem." Betty Jo, Film Critic

"I don't read much, I prefer 30 second audio video bites... but this book drew me in. It was like... 'hey look at me, I'm reading!'" Richard, Basketballer.

"Awesome!" Jennifer, Journalist

"Delightful like a Children's book, but not a children's book." Marie

"This book is definitely not linear. I've never read a book that somehow connects the tangents, distractions, and pure imagination we call thoughts. It really was very enjoyable." Celeste, H.S. Math Teacher.

"Presses the boundaries of what a novel is!" Danny, Borders Books

"IT BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!!!! the concepts, and amazing story really make me think and wonder... thank you." Will

"From a sociological viewpoint, this book really expresses much of what I try to teach students in my classes... great writing." Christine, College Instructor

"Good solid book" Fred, Real Estate

"I been under the weather and it is the best book to make me feel better.. Thank you.." Natasha

"I loved it!" Taylor

"Profound and yet, bubble gum for the eyes. A great big dream to crawl into!" Kathleen, Attorney

"My students borrow it all the time. I have to argue with them to get it back!" Sheri, 6th Grade Teacher

Alice writes:

WOW! You so had me reading! Comparisons to J.D. Salinger aside, I have to admit, that in the first moments I thought "Where in the world is THIS going?". Can I tell you, I never put your story down? At the sink, the ironing board, and at last the pool, I couldn't stop. At that point I passed your sweet story to one, then two, three others, saying "This is the most well constructed, tight, and still engrossing....and yes, warm fuzzy, for pre-teen and teen READERS, I've read for many a Moon!"

Christian writes:

"Excellent. Yes, I definitely enjoyed Rodney's adventures. I loved the magical sense of play and imagination; most of the time i found myself saying, "I didn't expect that to happen - but it's great that it did!" The imagination seemed unbounded in the story; sometimes authors can restrain their characters too much - not true for in Rodney's case, which I understand to be one of your main points about the unlimited power of our imaginations. Excellent work."

Dolores writes:

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Rodney embraced my creative spirit. He reminded me of once having "underlined" some of Einstein's wisdom which was that "imagination is more important than knowledge". I heartily concur. Einstein discovered the theory of relativity by picturing himself riding on a ray of light and Jung concerned himself with "images of the vision" which reminded him of dreams and fantasies.

To me, "Even if everyone tells you, 'everything cannot possibly grow from nothing,' plant a seed there anyway." is a very good definition for creativity in action. After all, creativity is creating something from nothing.

Fear of loving, caring, or seeing through someone else's eyes, paralyzes our lives and imagination and prevents the planting and growing of our seeds. As a result of our fears then, what really counts in this world gets lost. In my opinion, our dreams, our unconscious and collective unconscious, keeps us centered nurturing our creative spirit from within. It seems to me that this is what you so beautifully and imaginatively said through Rodney's adventures.

Unnamed Reader:

My mother gave me that book -- it's ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!

Julie writes:

Hi, My name is Julie. I bought your book..hey ... I thought "what the heck". But I could NOT put it down..,,I am gonna _ check out your website and order a whole bunch of books and give it to my friends hehe. You are a genius! Thanks for putting a big smile in my heart :) Anyways. I cannot wait to read more books written by you :) I truly enjoyed the experience. I love page 44 where you talk about tradition and page 56 where you jump from one situation to the next. it was amazing how you did that. _Your book has truly inspired me to be a better person. I think alot like Rodney does. I am always, always thinking about stuff and asking lots of questions and I see so much beauty in practically everything. But lately it seems like something has been wanting to take those eyes away from me and show me nothing but despair. Thanks for re-igniting that flame inside of me that was starting to burn out (although i KNOW it never actually would).Yesterday I sat in front of Starbucks and read your book until it was finished! _ Anyhow, I see people differently now. I see time differently now. I think I think differently now after reading your book, I think. Or maybe I thought this way all along and I am only now realizing that my mind thinks some crazy stuff that I should actually pursue instead of stopping because I start to become a blob.

Celeste writes:

Thanks again for the book--adventure rather. I sat down to read a few pages... exhausted from a day with math students and cross country athletes, I read a few pages I remember thinking--this book is definitely not linear. I've been on fall break this week and actually had a chance to read it in a more relaxed setting. I guess a tesselation may be a better description. I've never read a book that somehow connects the tangents, distractions, and pure imagination we call thoughts. You were able to include so many interesting questions and ideas. It really was very enjoyable. (With a mind like that, were your teachers ever able to keep your attention?) My Mom was visiting this weekend. She recently retired after working at my high school for 33 years. She has a great love for books and was taken with your imagination.

Erin writes:

My mother É sent it to me for Valentine's Day. It was a short magical book entitled "Rodney Appleseed", and it was brilliant! I would like to read more of your books, But I am in school, and don't have very much time for leisure reading. This book has done so much for me! I want to be a writer first of all, so with that in mind, this book had inspired my dreams of one day becoming a famous traveling, writerÉ I guess I just wanted to say good Job Ross, and thank you for writing such new exciting, entertaining, funny, and inspirational material.

Ariel writes:, I read your book... 'Rodney Appleseed' I have got to say, it was very good, very good indeed. Trust me I know what good is. I absolutely love reading books. You don't know how much I love reading. I was born to read. Tee Hee... Anyway, I talked to my mom about the book you know 'Rodney Appleseed' when I was done with my piano practice. "This book," I said,"only took me a few hours, and yet is was sooooooooooooooo good!" I loved your book... I love the part where he and his mom drive into infinity! You know, as they say, authors have wild imagination. And you know what? After I finished reading this, I must say, it's not a phony. Some day, I want to become an author... I always dream about it. And as you say,"Dream Big!" I do.

Murphy writes:

"It's like nothing else you've ever read, " the author said. "Don't say that!" I told him. "I've read a lot of books." Thank you, Ross Anthony, author. I've read it. Now I can tell everyone about it.

The hero of this book, Rodney Appleseed, might be just any boy with a preponderous ability to ask questions. But if he were, his adventures would not be infinite. And when you get a bit into the book you realize that infinity is an essential part of Rodney's adventures. Anthony tells his story with the kind of quirky irony found in The Phantom Tollbooth . He has a message, a kind of moral to the story, similar to Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Which is not to imply that the book is in any way derivative. The whole thing was quite original, and a pleasure to read. Anthony obviously loves the fact that as the author he can do anything he wants in his book. He twists and contorts the impossible and the plausible, having his characters do impossible things that make absolute sense. It makes the reader think about the possible things that are done in real life that make no sense. The book encourages its readers to ask questions and take chances in order to reach their dreams.

Fiona writes:

Hello, my name is Fiona Potter. My mom got your book for me at the Book Expo in Los Angeles a few weeks agoÉ.I really liked the book. At first, I wasn't really expecting it to be so philosophical and different. In fact, the first few chapters were just as surprising as a bull bursting out of a candy shop. But when I really sat down to read the book and join Rodney through every tangent and dream that he experiences, I really enjoyed the experience. Everyone, I think, wonders at the same things that Rodney wonders at. Why are there wars? What is infinity like? What is at the end of a rainbow? Like Rodney, I am also prone to "thinking too much," but after reading your book, I am sure that there can never be too much wonder and thinking in the world. Thank you for this thought provoking little book. I will try not to miss up future opportunities to plant a seed!

Yana writes:

The day after I bought your book, I saw a silver Infinity in a parking lot with the license plate GO-4EVR. Was that yours or just the birds opening the curtains to a new scene for me? (Btw, Not Ross' - must be the birds!)

Heidi writes:

My Fiance gave me your book to read. Let me tell you, I loved IT! It took me back to my youth when everything was so magical and make believe and you were allowed to let your imagination run wild. Thank you for bringing the child back in me...One should never stop being a kid and always look at life as a fascinating adventure.

Juli writes:

I loved "Rodney Appleseed." It was like you were a fly on the wall as my middle son was growing up. He had the most vivid, scattered imagination. What a pleasure to journey back to that innocence. At times I lacked the focus to tell the difference between the real and the surreal just like my son and Rodney.

John writes:

I loved your book, Rodney Appleseed, and I am only 10 years old. Please make another Rodney Appleseed book. I have read 57 books in two years, and this is the best one yet. Out of five stars, I'd give you 100!!!!! You wrote in my book to, "Try this author." I did and I love him. Please e-mail me whenever you have another book out. I will save my allowance and buy it! P.S. I am glad you were at Border's so my mom could buy me your book.

Airman Josh writes:

Wow, I just read your book Rodney Appleseed and it was great. My name is Josh and i am an airman in the US Air Force. Your book was the only thing that kept me sane while i was in Texas for training. My parents met you at the mall in Arcadia California and bought the book for me. I took it with me and thought i could make some time for it while away. I never got around to reading because i was so depressed about being away from my family and my wife to be. Finally i picked up the book and couldn't put it down. I loved it. When i went home for leave during Christmas i gave the book to Nichole and she loved it too. Now she is coming to visit me in South Carolina at Shaw AFB and we are going to read it again together. Thank you so much for that wonderful book and i can't wait to find another by you.

Nichole writes:

Hello, my fiancee and read Rodney Appleseed; Unfortunately, my fiancee is on the other side of the United States (might just as well be the other side of my life), because he is in the Airforce! I adore your book! It's amazing how it reflects my relationship with Josh in so many ways! I am Warm Face! haha; And Josh is Rodney, I don't know how many times I have had to help him unravel himself when he turns into the blob; Your book really helped him as he was going through difficult times in boot camp and I want to thank you for your words. You somehow wrote that book while you crept around in our minds, and it was wonderful.

The Boox Review writes:

Deep concept paydirt of an inspiration perfect for daydreamy, big-idea seeking teens and adults, The Infinite Adventures of Rodney Appleseed in Nothing Happens is a unique and imaginative journey into the surreal which has been appropriately dedicated by author Anthony "To The Magnificence of Life and The Spirit of Wonder." Boasting a high-marqueed mantra of "Even if everyone tells you, 'Everything cannot possibly grow from nothing,' ... plant a seed there anyway," Anthony's yarn will intrigue the curious reader throughout, beginning with, interestingly enough, its table of contents, which contains whimsical chapter titles such as: "Pot Roast and Insect Larvae," "Seventeen Concentric Ivory Spheres," "War & Peaches," "A Fly in the Ear," - and chapters 12-14, which have been dubbed simply, "Chapter 12," "Chapter 13" and "Chapter 14." Anthony's optimism for the funny thing that we call Life is infectious (he's an equally engaging presence in person, by the way), and all hard-working-by-day booklovers in dire need of a day off from the worries of the world will find suitable serenity in this remarkably creative (and deliciously subtle) enrichment of a book.

Maria writes:

I figure you get a ton of email, but I felt I should let you know that your book really touched my heart anyway. I remember the day that I bought the book ... I felt you had a real presence. You're a very charismatic person and I just want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and your gift with us 'readers'. I loved this book, thanks for being a good salesman - after finding out what a good read your book was, I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family.

Robert (homeschooled student) writes: really made me think. I recommend this book to everyone and anyone who likes things a little different and those who like to think. (This full review at Eclectic Homeschool

Cindy writes:

It was TERRIFIC! So imaginative... I loved it! One Saturday, I just plowed through it! I loved his silver eye, the armored man and the race car drivers! Thanks for such a pleasant afternoon. It really brightened my day!

John writes:

The places it took me were so full of light that I was nearly blind by the end. Absolutely loved it!

Amazing Grace writes:

You certainly can write up a storm. Your book is fascinating, enchanting, and not put-downable. I adore your sense of humor and insight.

Jordan writes:

I really enjoyed your book ... colorful characters, interesting developments, and a cleverly quirky deus ex machina thrown in at all the right times!

Alysse writes:

It is wonderful. It is like nothing I have ever read before. It was completely unique and absolutely vivid. In fact, you could say that I am obsessed. I have been throwing philosophical questions at people all week. ... It was the perfect mix of philosophical mind benders and innocent, childhood silliness. I look forward to reading it again. ... it was inspiring. it was the light i looked forward too during the dark days of the first week of school.

Mina writes:

Jake goes to George White Elementary, where you did your book presentation last year for us at our author's day. Jake loved it (so did my middle son Joshua) - both of them purchased signed copies of your books, and Jake was excited to do his book report on a book written by an author he'd met.

Grace writes:

I was very impressed with the "Rodney Appleseed" book... could [you] PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPH four copies of "Rodney Appleseed" to my two precious daughter's youngest son, and my beautician's little boy?

3/28/2011 Christina writes:

Since I had first laid eyes upon the existence of Rodney in "Something Happens", I found myself quoting Rodney and Hogan and Warm Face to my friends and family! Rodney's adventures are seemingly relevant to my very existence! Glad to know I'm not alone in this world... I clapped my hands, rubbed them till warm and placed my palm and fingertips atop the very spot Rodney had his.

5/3/2011 Scott writes:

Wow! I started reading as soon as I was home … the best gift from comc con. I'm excited...thank you for the characters that want to ascend somehow spiritually but are continually trapped by nature and their own nature this  book has been a personal and intensely meaningful experience from comic con. The ideas flow like  a stream of thought …  After each  insight the complexity of the thought and the reality brings  me to smile.  The fantasy mixes well with the observation of natural experiences. It is light enough to be taken comically. The story has a continuation of wise characters stuck in their own limits. The whole book seems to be filled  with characters who want to ascend spiritually, their experience, but can not because the wonderful world came first with these conditions. Thanks for reminding me of some of my favorite childhood authors and definitely bringinig this book in to my hands.

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