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On the last day of 2018, I stirred up a pot of chili. Trying to do the ecologically right thing for the planet, I looked for an alternative to the Styrofoam cups I'd used in the past. I'd already purchased a box of 100 biodegradable spoons. Anyway, I thought that jars would work great. So, I'd been cleaning and saving jam jars and olive jars and whatever jars I came across in my daily use. I'd been storing them under the sink. Unfortunately, when it came time to full house cleaning -- I'd forgotten why I was storing them and they got recycled. Oops. So, I marched down to the local discount store and purchased some cute little jars new. This worked great. They sealed tight (so no mess in Chili's trunk) and they stayed relatively warm for delivery. Plus, I'd like to think they're useful to the homeless - multiple use, instead of just once.

The days have been unseasonably warm at noon, but even as early as 3pm the temperatures dip dramatically. I loaded up the bike and headed out at 4pm. I'd seen some tents lined up along the flood channel, so I headed there and found several happy takers.

Thank You for all of your support!

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