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On the cold day (for LA) in May, I stirred up a pot of chili sponsored this year by just one reader who bought several books (Thank you Flissy). I'd saved up empty jars, instead of tossing them, I recycled them with chili. 5 well-weathered takers enjoyed the chili. The first fellow who had been involved pretty intensely in a conversation with himself, was especially appreciative. He thanked me several times. I'd like to pass that thanks on to Flissy and my readers. Well, that's about it. Of course, I ate some too -- and it was pretty good. Thanks to all of you. Also, thanks for all the beautiful acts of kindness you perform.

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© 2015 photos, text, art, music copyright Ross Anthony. Thank you to all those who have participated in chil4homeless! (My Readers! My Friends! My Family! Misc. Strangers! Kocanda, Galati, Rand, Keszek, and many many more!

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