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This year, deep into my video work and other artistic interests, I didn't spend any time marketing my books. Actually, the books have been on the backburner for some time now. While I have several book concepts in various early stages of development, they've been there for several years without me touching them. That said, I did dig up an "upgrade" to "The Little Snail Story" and I have put some time into a few feature screenplay ideas. Anyway, no book sales this year, so that could mean no Chili4homeless since book sales inspire and sponsor the cooking of chili for the homeless. That said, I thought, what the heck, I'll sponsor it myself this year. So, I went shopping, bought the goods, and started cooking. Then just as I was finishing and about to put the chili into jars I'd be saving all year from empty pickle and preserves jars, I got a "feeling." Did you ever get a "feeling" like that? Call it a hunch? Gut? Instinct? Devine Intervention? Anyway, the feeling was pretty clear, "Don't get on Chili and deliver this year."

Ugh! It's somewhat frustrating when you've got a clear plan, you make the time to make it happen, you happily take all the steps necessary, and then just as you're doing the final step you get a feeling like that.

It's taken me a long time, but I'm finally getting it though my thick skull to surrender and open up to this new development. To the best of my flickering memory, things go much happier when I surrender. It takes a deep breath, a pause, and a calming, then trust. So that's what I did this year I yielded to my gut feeling or perhaps it was the universe guiding me. My apologies to those would-be chili-recipients, but my gut also tells me they'd understand completely. As it turned out, I shared with those around me, so I guess this year the project could be called Chili4homed. (Click the photo below for an exciting 7 second video of chili prep.)

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© 2015 photos, text, art, music copyright Ross Anthony. Thank you to all those who have participated in chil4homeless! (My Readers! My Friends! My Family! Misc. Strangers! Kocanda, Galati, Rand, Keszek, and many many more!

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