Edward Snowden
Review by Ross Anthony

Wow, what a drama. This is the tense spy thriller that every filmmaker in that genre hopes to make, except it's real. It's not even a documentary, it's really happening right before your eyes, blurry camera and all. One might suspect, given the logline, to see a great deal of "filler", stock shots, graphics, etc, with only the sporadic shot of the controversial Ed Snowden. Nope, the film is mostly firsthand, up close, footage of a young man and a small group of reporters meeting to figure out how to best distribute one of the most profound leaks of recent history.

Ultimate traitor or ultimate patriot? See the film and decide for yourself. The filmmakers are more focused on shedding light on the mystery of the action and the humanness of the individual.

Again, if you love a good spy flick, see this one. It has all the suspense, all the intrigue of a hardboiled international spy picture, with just one catch, the one being spied on is you.

  • CitizenFour. Copyright © 2014.
  • Starring Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. Directed by Laura Poitras.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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