Old School Independence
The First Grader
Review by Ross Anthony

Simple, intense, powerful, always engaging. The film follows an 84-year-old man who decides to go back to school to learn to read. This alone would make an endearing film. But complicate things by making him a former prisoner of war in his own country and the already abrasive animosity turns hostile. (His past offense: initiating the revolution that lead to Kenya's independence in 1963.)

The filmmakers could have easily spent much more time developing each interesting facet of the true story on which this is based. But instead, the impact is given to quiet artistic "mini-builds" to each of the film's mini-big moments. A great deal is expressed in the moody close ups of these passionate actors and Kenyans of every generation.

I cried at several points. I expected this, as I'm a former volunteer teacher in Kenya. But, my girlfriend cried, too. We both recommend this film.

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  • The First Grader . Copyright © 2011.
  • Oliver Litondo, Naomie Harris, Emily Njoki, Hannah Wacera, John Kimani, Lwanda Jawar. Directed by Justin Chadwick. Written by Ann Peacock. National Geographic Entertainment.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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