Greed V. Seed
Review by Ross Anthony

First of all, what a great title -- right? Second of all, what a fun welcoming opening sequence!

This film is not about panic. It's not out to scare us all into veganism. It's about a father trying to find out if what he's feeding his kids is safe. The film maintains that small, homespun, family-ness throughout. There's no celebrity narrator explaining things to us. Instead, it's Dad trying to make sense of things to his kids. And he doesn't even forbid his kids to eat GMO food during his research. He realizes that food is part of our culture and how we interact with society.

That said, this dad, does his darnedest to learn and share just how suspiciously our food supply is being managed, and quite likely manipulated in ways that are simply unsustainable long run and possibly unhealthy currently. That said, I greatly appreciated the balancing inclusion of views in support of GMOs and the scenes of the filmmaker's best efforts to get the perspective of the biggest makers of GMOs.

Charming would best describe this cautionary tale. It expresses its warmness and a love of life in word, dance, film-art, and music. It's peppered with animations and punctuated with artsy wordless visual sequences. In my humble opinion, it's an honest wholesome contribution to life on earth. If you like to eat, I highly recommend giving this a view.

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  • GMO OMG . Copyright © 2013.
  • Directed by Jeremy Seifert.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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