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Inside Out
Review by Ross Anthony

Hmmm. Well. Err. Where to start?

Okay, here. I so absolutely appreciate this project. It's a fresh brilliant endeavor to boldly make a film that sets education at the same priority level as entertainment. It's like PBS and the National Institute of Mental Health were given a grant big enough to hire PIXAR and Disney to make a feature. It's like "What the bleep do we know?" animated with all the talking heads edited out, and then stripped of anything controversial. On an academic level -- all of that is pretty cool. On an entertainment level, the first 10 minutes rock, we watch as a baby human makes core memories, navigates it's emotions to take on the world as a pre-pubescent.

I tend to enjoy philosophy and psychology -- so I found the film quite interesting. Despite a substantive mid-film lull, I suspect "Inside Out" will be shown in academic institutions for the purposes of education. At least, I hope so. Actually, I have no idea how kids will react to this, but I'd be fascinated to know. Will they be captivated by a film that has no cookie-cutter bad-guy? Where the only conflict is emotional? What will they remember from the film? What will they learn? If you (and/or your kids) have any insight into those questions -- please write in.

And don't miss the pre-feature short! Accompanying "Inside Out" is the absolutely Lavaly short film entitled "LAVA" It's beautiful - put tears in my eyes, no kidding. (I'm such a softy.)

Would have given "Inside Out" a B+, but because you get "Lava" with it, I'll give the pair an A-

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  • Inside Out. Copyright © 2015.
  • Starring Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind . Pixar/Disney

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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