Cold Hands Warm Heart
Review by Ross Anthony

After just getting back from a much tamer visit to Alaska, I sat hypnotized by the beautiful tranquil Greenland snowscapes offered up by the film Inuk. The direction and acting are also captivating. Each shot is carefully framed and paced. I kept saying to myself, "oh, nice shot .. Oh, nice shot."

The film brings to the screen a brisk juicy contrast between the old way and the modern way of life up on the ice. It's not just a contrast, but a challenge. That's one theme. The other is the challenge to let go. Let go of the pain.

It's a beautiful poem, shot realistically. Although the ending slides on the snow a bit into the mythical. It's excellent work, but there was some well-earned emotional passion building under the ice that I would have liked to have seen surface.

Strong B+/Weak A- (I'll round up.)

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  • Inuk. Copyright © 2013.
  • Starring Gaba Petersen, Ole Jørgen Hammeken, Rebekka Jorgeson, Sara Lybeth, Elisabeth Skade, Gaaba Petersen, Rebekka Jørgensen , Sara Lyberth, Inunnguaq Jeremiassen, Ivaq Mørch, Hendrik Qvist, Angutitsiaq Kreutzmann, Knud Therkielsen. Directed by Mike Magidson. Written by Mike Magidson, Jean-Michel Huctin.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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