Captain Laura
Review by Ross Anthony

Ever feel like getting out of the rat race and seeing the world? These certainly seem like the sentiments of a person facing a midlife crisis. You wouldn't think a fourteen-year-old would have been alive long enough to feel such a calling? But then again, perhaps it takes a teen to have the guts to actually do it.

Myself, I made it to twenty-five before I stuffed my backpack and set out to circle the globe on my own. But even at that age, I was scared almost to the point of passing-out over making that dream real. Therefore, impressed with the courage of this young girl and her fight to "earn the right" to adventure solo into the great unknown, I screened this film.

I feel a bit uncomfortable reviewing it though, because it's not really the filmmaking that keeps this production afloat. It's Laura's audacious story. That said, the filmmaking is just fine. It's really the editing that deserves kudos, because Laura must have shot hours and hours of footage out at sea alone over the course of her year-plus, 27,000 mile journey around the world. The takes included range from personal and whimsical to mildly haunting. Together with scenes of Laura's in-port bonding with fellow travelers and some very nice watercolor map animations that chart her where-abouts for interested audiences, the sum result is compelling and inspirational. In addition to the fascinating voyage, Laura shares her unusual youth around boats and how her parent's divorce effected her decisions.

Additionally, the court battle over a youth's right to adventure, which in this case, leads to questions of custody, makes for a ripe prompt for a rousing conversation regarding the distance modern civilization has traveled from our more primeval Earthly birthrights. That said, thankfully, the film doesn't stall in the courtroom.

See it. It just might re-inspire that teenage spirit of adventure missing in your life.

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  • Starring Laura Dekker. Film by Jillian Schlesinger. Edited by Penelope Falk. First Run Features.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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