Journey to Infinity
M.C. Escher
Review by Ross Anthony

Wow, not unlike many of Escherís works, this documentary is a modest masterpiece. Mimicking its subject, the filmís segments progress one to the next. An element from the previous segment walks into the next, dissolving the seams.

While, I too, am an enjoyer of Escherís work, admittedly, I was concerned that a documentary (especially in his own words) might prove a bit sleepy. I was wrong. Escherís reflections are impassioned and full of wonder. Heís the subjective observer to his own life. I paraphrase, ďOh wow! Look at the way those trees curve around the road! Oh wow! I canít stop myself from grabbing a pencil and copying it. Iím terrible, but I canít stop trying to get it perfect! What if I try this? What if I try that? I failed, let me try again.Ē This narrative is full of curiosity, energy, wonder which fades very little, if at all, with his age. Escher seems to be perpetually amazed with the world and his own reaction to it.

Stephen Fryís voice brings Escherís words to life with enthusiasm, just as graphic artists and animators bring Escherís work to life with yet another perspective. This is an inspired and inspiring work.

As Escher reflects (and again, I paraphrase), ďIím not aiming for beauty, Iím aiming for wonder.Ē

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  • M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity. Copyright © 2021.
  • Directed by Robin Lutz. Narrated by Stephen Fry. Zeitgeist Films.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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