Tap Dance
Review by Ross Anthony

Fascinating. This sharp documentary splendidly displays crisp footage and audio of rare and/or landmark recordings of the MLK area, some of which I had never seen or heard before. Some clips (before or after an interview, for instance) emote what Martin Luther King Jr. and the nation’s decision makers were likely to have been feeling at the time. It’s a personal look and a wider view of King as a human being, as he courageously endeavors to challenge a stubborn and sometimes dangerous system. While we view King though this lens, the FBI listens in on King as well. The film sheds light on shifting motives as the FBI gathers data on this rising star and calculates the risks he poses. It’s revealing and disconcerting. If you’re only watching to hear the contents of all of that surveillance, you’ll be disappointed. It’ll be several years before that content is made public. Anyway, honestly, no need to hear the specifics. This is a valuable look into a powerful moment of painful growth for our nation. And a reminder: though imperfect, we all still have the power to do good in the world.

I paraphrase a quote from the film: “We just want things to be as this nation said they should be.”

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  • MLK/FBI. Copyright © 2021.
  • Directed by Sam Pollard. IFC Films.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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