Shake the Dust
Review by Ross Anthony

Inspiring. The cinematography is down and dirty, but provides a worldly look into a reality few in developed countries are likely to see. While the focus is on hip-hop in slum locations in developing countries, the documentary affords very real and inspiring glimpses into the human condition. The theme is clearly hope. The break dancing moves are impressive and fun, but they also invite the rest of us to find that expression of self that fills the empty voids in our lives. The film also reminds us that war-torn countries aren't only about geopolitics, and they aren't as presented on the news, but are in fact, populated by beautiful humans -- just like ourselves. Lastly, the filmmakers and subjects leave us with these questions: 1. In what ways can we genuinely express our inner humanity in order to rid ourselves of inner poverty? 2. In what ways can we help lend a hand to those ready to let go of inner and/or outer poverty?

-- Books by Ross Anthony, Author/Illustrator --

  • The Shift. Copyright © 2015.
  • Narrated by Karim Lokwa. Directed by Adam Sjoberg. Executive Produced by Nasir "Nas" Jones. Featuring music from Common, Talib Kwela & Nas.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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