Dennis L. Miller
The Big Picture: God's Provision in Troubled Times
Book Review by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

On the recommendation of a friend in Arizona, I stopped by a cozy coffee house to do a book signing of my books. The owners were very sweet, encouraging and incredibly supportive. It turns out one of them was Dennis L Miller, author of "The Big Picture." I traded them some books and started right in reading this book. What a wonderful warm experience to be inside this coffee house, enjoying the coffee (really good coffee by the way) and reading the book of the owner who often refers to the coffee house as a personal refuge.

Miller preached from the pulpit for many years until church politics sent him unexpectedly into a new uncharted journey. It's one he refers to as the God's Wilderness (others might use the word "dumps" or "depression." Though not of his choosing, he'd probably say it was God's choosing and it is God's Space -- a place of healing and personal growth. The Coffee House would have been missed without it.

The book is only loosely organized and feels quite like a meandering sermon. But don't take that negatively, more often than not -- real life meanders, and at its best is loosely organized. Either way, Miller's reflections feel as heartfelt and sincere as a man who has been hurt into healing. His re-self-discovery, re-God-discovery is fresh and ripe to inspire and it does.

Here's a quote from him that I'm trying my best to commit to memory, and then remember each day: "…we have no commodity that is of any worth to God except our hearts."

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