Down Under
Australia's Great Wild North in 3D
Review by Ross Anthony

This scene really stands out: A candy-color cute frog jumps from a tree branch onto what feels like the screen of the theatre. It's brilliant. Presumably, filmmakers employ a simple plate of glass in front of the camera, but the result is magical. We in the audience feel as if this frog has hopped, in a split second, from Australia to our theatre and is suction-cup stuck to the screen eyeing all of us as we smile in wonder. There are a few other notable spectacles: a powerful time-lapse thunderstorm, some fun saltwater crocodile shots. Unfortunately not all the visuals resonate on the big screen. That said, Tommy, a native aboriginal guide, hosts well. And, that delightful, creative, magical frog hop is well worth watching.

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  • Australia's Great Wild North in 3D. Copyright © 2019.
  • Wild Pacific Media and Definition Films/K2 Studios.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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