Dance Life Away
Been Rich All My Life
Review by Ross Anthony

This is a sweet documentary about a small group of women who’ve danced their way through life. All of them now in their 80’s and 90’s, they rally each other to keep clicking the dance floor with their tap shoes in show after show as the “Silver Belles.”

But sharing the stage is nothing new to this clique. They kicked their hearts out night after night at New York Harlem’s famous Apollo Theatre. Matching legs in a line they were part of the famous Apollo Rockettes. And while this documentary has plenty of dancing, it’s more about friendship, a fire for life, a refusal to go quietly into that dark night.

Production quality is good, the sound quality very good and the filmmakers caught some heartwarming drama on tape. However, at one point (and only one point) the filmmakers employ a video special effect presumably to heighten some ominous drama -- that try falls flat. While certainly sweet and nostalgic, the picture just wasn’t meant to be a storming drama.

These vivacious ladies will tap, laugh and curse their ways into your hearts. They’ll likely inspire you to go kickin’ as each new waking day is a precious, yet temporal gift.

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  • Been Rich All My Life. Copyright © 2006.
  • Starring Starring Bertye Lou Wood, Cleo Hayes, Marion Coles, Elaine Ellis, Fay Ray and Geri Kennedy.
  • Directed by Heather Lyn MacDonald.
  • Produced by Heather Lyn MacDonald & Jon Miller at Toots Crackin/First Run.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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