Balloon-Borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope
Review by Ross Anthony

It costs millions of dollars to put scientific instruments in space. So for those on a shoestring budget, a slow floating ascent can replace an expensive launch. Blast follows a band of hard-headed students and teachers who set out to build an infrared telescope, then elevate it to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere on the precarious riggings of a balloon.

Wind direction and location play essential roles in the plan causing the lead scientist (Mark Devlin, PhD) to endure separations from his wife and kids while he braves Antarctic nights (and other extreme locations) on the underbelly of the world. Fraught with major setbacks, Blast is a challenge demanding determination, patience and brains from this band of starry-eyed pioneers. There’s no need to be a scientist yourself as the film emphasizes the human struggles inherent in such personal “high” goal setting.

The film also offers graphic explanation and “intro to astronomy” segments to bring you up to speed.

The documentary (filmed by Mark’s brother) is just as endearingly rickety as the Blast mission.

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  • Blast!. Copyright © 2009.
  • Directed by Paul Devlin.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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