A Long Time Ago in Our Own Galaxy...
Dinosaurs Alive!
Review by Ross Anthony

This is a solid documentary with just the right amount of CGI dinosaurs -- not too much. We follow modern day paleontologists as they piece together the mysteries of unearthed bones found all over the world.

Unfortunately, the picture suffers from rickety narration and 3-D. Michael Douglas seems pre-occupied as he reads the text, occasionally awkwardly emphasizing the odd word. Worse, the 3D is sloppy. Often the stereo images simply don't meld. And there's that one moment, when a small bone is lifted toward the camera -- the 3D is so off that it hurts. I had to close my eyes and turn my head from the screen.

I discussed this problem with filmgoers after the picture. Though we were seated dead center, we were in the lower portion of the theater. The fellow next to me suggested sitting in rows further back would have helped. He also suggested the possibility of the theatre's projectors being misaligned. As for the first suggestion, I asked a group in the upper half of the audience and they concurred with the assessment. They too, looked away during parts. As for the theatre I don't know. You tell me. Have you seen this film? Did the 3D work in your theater?

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I'd recommend the 2D disc for home viewing, but can't really recommend this as a 3D Imax.

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Grade..........................B (2/4)

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