Emotional Bonding
The Forgotten
Review by Ross Anthony

Here's a film that has more of M. Night Shyamalan than even the more recent M. Night films. For the first third, without much action at all, Julian Moore, cast, and filmmakers create a pretty eerie sense of "What the heck is going on here?" Once or twice the camera work gets a bit grandstandy, but for the most part the cinematography backs up the story line. In fact, the occasional "hit" will be sure to set your heart palpitating.

Though almost gratuitous, the action (mostly a lot of running) is crafted nicely and accents a film that is primarily eerie dialogue.

I must admit I was tipped off about this film and certainly, that no doubt affected my viewing. I will not tip you off. I respect you more than that. Still, the movie captivated me; it was only after the cat hops out of the bag that I lost some enthusiasm. Specifically the actual climax of the film feels very "played with" by someone other than the original writers. Actually, to some extent botched. That's disappointing.

Cool idea. Realized pretty darned well, with a few faults. Worth mentioning, I know of two strangers who told me they loved the film and have seen it more than once.

(This film viewed at a Krikorian Theatre.)

  • The Forgotten. Copyright © 2004. Rated PG-13. 90 minutes.
  • Starring Julianne Moore, Dominic West, Gary Sinise, Alfre Woodard, Anthony Edwards, Linus Roache.
  • Directed by Joseph Ruben.
  • Screenplay by Gerald Di Pego.
  • Produced by Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks at Columbia/Revolution. (c) 2004.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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