To Be or Not To Be?
The Hours
Review by Ross Anthony

Aside from the extremely impressive cast, I'd not felt much of an urge to see this film. In fact, each December, we film reviewers are swimming in screenings -- so I passed this one up. But, as you probably already know, "The Hours" is an academy award nominee for best picture. This coupled with much well-saying about the film, I took the time to see it at a local theater.

Unfortunately, the picture failed to capture me. I found it slow, drab, and bordering on melodramatic. With such a lush array of talented players, I could only empathize with one character - a young boy whose name isn't among the well known. Sadly, his screentime is limited. Nicole Kidman's nose also provides a source of distraction. Lastly, the repetitive needling score becomes tiresome and tedious.

On the other hand, the film aptly and artfully sets spinning three separate stories in three separate time periods. The initiation of this is quite impressive and dazzling. Additionally, the threads that tie them together are sewn tight. Among a great deal of mediocre dialogue, a sparkling line or two crops up. And, to be fair, my guest greatly enjoyed the picture.

It's a tale of suicidal tendencies with the feel of "Far From Heaven," which is another film I didn't enjoy.

(This film viewed at Alhambra's Edwards Renaissance Stadium 14)

  • The Hours. Copyright © 2002.
  • Starring Meryl Streep, Julianne More, Nicole Kidman, Ed Harris, Toni Collette, Claire Danes, Jeff Daniels, Stephen Dillane, Allison Janney, John C. Reilly.
  • Directed by Stephen Daldry.
  • Screenplay by David Hare.
  • Based on the Novel by Michael Cunningham.
  • Produced by Scott Rudin/Robert Fox at Paramount/Miramax.


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