What the Mars Probe Missed Your Kids Shouldn't
My Favorite Martian
Review by Ross Anthony

Based on the 1964 TV series of the same name, My Favorite Martian is a light-hearted silly movie aimed at showing kids a good time. Disney makes no serious attempts to keep this film reasonable from an adult perspective. Rather, they spend all their time in the silly fun department going for the juvenile chuckle in a Herbie, the Love Bug kind of way. And by Joe, I think they got it.

"You are a brilliant quasar in my black hole of a day." A pleasant enough complement from a quirky Martian. Though he's generally jolly, Uncle Martin (his Earth title) is vulnerable to bouts of depression which cause him to literally fall apart (as in -- at the major joints).

Our favorite Martian (Christopher Lloyd, of course) crashes to Earth just yards from news producer Tim O'Hara (Jeff Daniels) who inadvertently ends up housing the alien. The two are forced to bear with each other until "Uncle Martin" can get the ship up and running. Tim attempts to document this huge news story, but is plagued with moments of compassion toward the odd fella's safety. The "way way over the top" government investigator played hysterically by Wallace Shawn accuses beautiful-but-simple newscaster Brace (Hurley) of hosting the alien in her body, "So if you're not really a Martian ... do you have any idea how alien DNA got on your cigarette?"

Ray Walston (TV's original Favorite Martian) pops into the picture as well (greeted by a bit of an applause in the screening I attended). If you're curious or nostalgic and you've got kids ... treat them to this movie.

Starring Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Daniels, Daryl Hannah and Elizabeth Hurley.
Directed by Donald Petrie. Rated PG.

Grade ..................................Kids' perspective: A
Grade ..................................Older folks' perspective: B

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