Silence Can Be Golden
Melies the Magician
Review by Ross Anthony

This DVD contains a documentary on this early innovative filmmaker, several of his short films (which were produced mainly for fairground vendors) and even small bits from other Silent Era legends (Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin etc.)

While some of Melies short films contain moments of magic (of the special feeling variety), many of the other moments are no longer very fascinating for audiences now used to color and sound. That said, I don't think this DVD was compiled for the average blockbusterian.

If you're a filmmaker, historian, lover of invention, etc., this DVD may hold some nuggets for you. Where else could you see such a compilation (I have no idea)? Though I haven't put together a reel in quite a long time, I used to be a filmmaker, so I found many of Melies creative techniques interesting, curious, even inspiring. But, aside for Melies actual footage, most of the visuals on this video are quite dry. Actually, I found Melies, himself, fascinating and enjoyed learning about him and his creativity, but the documentary itself doesn't shine with the enthusiasm of Melies.

That said, I'm glad I viewed it, I learned a great deal about the origin of film and the business of making money from art.

Melies was a turn of the century French filmmaker. Pundits praise him for inventing cinematic special effects that became the basic building blocks of much later works all they up to and including productions by Lucas and Spielberg.

So how to grade when the average film watcher will snooze in the first 3 minutes, while the film historian will salivate?

  • Melies the Magician. Copyright © 1997.
  • Directed by Jacques Malthete.
  • Produced at Societie Melies/Arte France Developpement/CNC. (c) 1997.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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