The Write Time for Romance
Midnight in Paris
Review by Ross Anthony

Im a bit timid around Woody Allen films. Hes hit or miss. But, Midnight in Paris is mostly hit. Owen Wilson makes a charming Allen surrogate. And, as a novelist myself, whos been swept up in the romance of and in Paris the film struck a few personally nostalgic notes for me. Id even done a signing at one of the books stores in the film. Anyway, then, I should likely recuse myself from judgment as Im biased.

Hmmm, these comments just contain my normal bias:
1) Wilson is wonderful as always
2) All of the actors are good, but Brody steals with 2-minutes of screen time and his Dali impersonation.
3) The film takes some time to get rolling. Its a little sticky in the editing until about the hour mark, then really draws the viewer in.

So, in general, I enjoyed it for my own personal reasons, but an hour is along time for a film to be a little sticky, so well call it a B+.

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  • Midnight in Paris. Copyright © 2011.
  • Starring Owen Wilson, McAdams, Brody. Written and Directed by Woody Allen.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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