Colorful, then moody
Mood Indigo
Review by Ross Anthony

Splendidly surreal with leg-stretching, shoe-dancing effects that seem to be inspired by a myriad of renowned surrealists from Melies to Gilliam. I loved the over-the-top optimism and playfulness with which Gondry opens this tantalizing picture, but apropos of the title, that rollicking mood steadily dims as the storyline rolls down its winding road of warped realism. Sadly, as the fun seeps out of the mood, so seeps away some of the enjoyment factor for me. If you don't mind films that run emotionally into the ground -- this descending spiral won't burden you. That said, it exudes a warmth (in its melancholy), and magic, with careful lighting, colors, and acting. This masterpiece of surrealism, certainly left me hungry for another Gondry film (albeit with a different mood direction).

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  • Mood Indigo. Copyright © 2014.
  • Starring Audrey Tautou, Romain Duris, Omar Sy, A´ssa Ma´ga, Gad Elmaleh. Directed By Michel Gondry. Written By: Michel Gondry, Luc Bossi. Drafthouse Films.

Grade..........................B (2.5/4)

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